Hawaiian Dress

      The perfect Hawaiian Dress for your next luau. Showers of floral designs pour over these hawaiian dress styles. All hawaiian dress designs are hand sewn in Hawaii. Hawaiian dress styles are made in comfortable cotton for the heated dance floor. Be the queen of the luau in a stylish hawaiian dress made for beachwear fun.
       Beachside luaus and leis in true island style. Summer fun, sandals, hula grass skirts and leiscall friends and family together for hawaiian theme parties and luau events. Tropical drinks and tiki bars bring the heated island beat into any occassion. Bright floral swimwear patterns of hibiscus, tiki gogs and lava lore adorn our specially chosen, always changing fabrics. New beachwear designs are constantly being added so that there always fresh new colrs and styles to make your luau a success. Colorful hawaiian dresses, shirts and drawstring pants never go out of fashion and can bring tropical enjoyment into your life any day of the year.

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Hawaiian Dresses

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirt Attitude

Hawaiian Shirt

Bird of Paradise
Aloha Shirt

A new design that is an excellent match w/ Kakhis. The bird of paradise blossom is printed in rich gold tones over olive fern fronds and mysterious fauna.
100% Rayon Floral Print
True to Size
Med. (8088M) $52
Lg. (8088L) $52
XLg. (8088X) $52
2XLg. (80882) $52
3Xlg. (80883 $58
4XLg. (80884 $58

Jungle Bird
Hawaiian Shirt

If it looks familiar then you've been watching Magnum PI reruns again. After giving the original to the Smithsonian Tom Selleck's famous hawaiian shirt hits the beaches once again.
100% Cotton Parrott Print
True to Size
Med. (8083M) $48
Lg. (8083L) $48
XLg. (8083X) $48
2XLg. (80832) $48
3Xlg. (80833) $54
4XLg. (80834) $54

Hawaiian Shirt

Squalls are stirring up the island scene. Windswept palm trees toss and tumble accross a resilent island of rich cream.
100% Rayon Palm print
True to Size.
Med. (8082M) $52
Lg. (8082L) $52
XLg. (8082X) $52
2XLg. (80822) $52
3Xlg. (80823) $58
4XLg. (80824) $58

Hawaiian Shirt Attitude

Hawaiian Shirt

Honolulu Postcard

Aloha from Hawaii! Vintage postcards and tikis as tropical reminders of your volcanoe vacation over hibiscus red. 100% Cotton Postcard Print Sizes Run Small
XLg. (8088X) $8

Brown Lava Cloth

Heavy Cotton Lava Cloth in a traditional tribal design. Breathable thick cotton fabric and coconut buttons. 100% Cotton Lava Cloth Sizes Run Small
2XLg. (80832) $46

Blue July Hibiscus

Bright July Blue and white hibiscus flowers flow over a feild of Dk. Blue. Just a touch of red on the petals give this print a real american feel. 100% Cotton Floral Print Sizes Run Small
Lg. (8082L) $34

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